Wednesday, 15 October 2008

October Ipswich Knitterati/Felted Yoga Mat Bag

Another meeting of minds, swapping of news, ideas and a sharing of knowledge. Various yarns, various needle sizes, various skill levels. Warmth and happiness shared around a common table.
::Felted Yoga Mat Bag::
::Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson::
::crystal palace daisy 6.4mm circular needles::
::manos del uruguay 100% handspun kettle-dyed wool in three colours::
Easy and quick project to last me over the winter months - especially for evenings like this when you want to absorb the atmosphere and each stitch becomes a memory of Lizzie's sister's newborn, her pending marriage, Anne's search for yarn for a teddybear, another's success with a baby tee, someone's beautiful sock, an adorable white hat with pompoms worn by it's owner, a broken needle, yarn for stitchmarking, laughter, the cheery goodbyes and the promise of just such a meeting again soon.

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christiandc said...

do you have the pattern and would you share it

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