Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Marie Wallin's Fairisle Club 3

Tour de Fleece in July was very hectic and now it is all over I am happily signed up and looking forward to Marie Wallin's Fairisle Club 3. We will be knitting her new pattern Lerwick which is a stunning multi colour work edge to edge wrap cardigan. 

There is an active group over on Ravelry where we are all getting very excited in anticipation of our yarn Spindrift of Jamieson's of Shetland arriving.

I was lucky enough to spend a very happy time at Jamieson's on the first Shetland Woolweek holiday a couple of years ago. We had an excellent guided tour and were able to spend a long time choosing wool in the shop afterwards. I chose some beautiful tweed material and aran yarn. So I will be delighted to see the colours Marie has chosen.

In the meantime, I am putting together a few bits and pieces to make a Marie Wallin section in my craft room and to go with the Fairisle Club 3 "Lerwick" project. So far I have put together a folder for anything I print off including newsletters. I have found a notebook and a notions bag and when the wool is here and the project underway I have a couple of fun ideas to decorate my folder some more - it's the creative gene - it is difficult to keep it under control!

I have some shade cards from Jamieson's and have been spending time getting to know the colours and imagining how the wools for this project will look.

We start the knit along at the beginning of November and I have a colour work cardigan Amaryllis by Marie under construction which I would like to have completed by then.
I'm also gathering up some books to put in my Marie Wallin corner and getting ideas for even more projects.
So it looks like a Marie Wallin filled time ahead knitting-wise and that is going to be a lot of fun.


Nina Boyd said...

Love the idea of a folder for Fair Isle Club 3! Think I shall do something similar, as I am a stationery addict and love being organized.
Working on the mosaic patchwork cushion is good practice for the jacket, getting my tension just right and thinking about keeping the inside of the garment neat.

Teresa Parkins said...

Thanks, Nina. Getting the tension just right is never as easy as we would like it!

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