Wednesday, 1 February 2017

If Tigers Were Bears and Fingers Were Thumbs

I'd love you just the same, February.

Today is the start of the Love Along knit along

I needed a special yarn to work on for this lovely knit along with Dani of Little Bobbins Knits and one which would allow the subtle design in the pattern by Amy Meeks "Love Along Socks" to show up well.

I remembered a knit a-long I started way back in 2012 with Laura Linneman of The Knitgirllls Podcast called "Mittens for Me". I was using two beautiful yarns and the lighter one seemed perfect for this new sock. I had managed to finish one of the mittens and I might still have enough left to finish the second even after I have made these socks.

The mittens had a beautiful cuff which used a vikkel (or lateral) braid and an unsual ribbing section. Laura's patterns are always fun to knit and I just can't say why I stopped working on them and consequently lost momentum to start the second and finish them. These mittens were co-incidentally part of a February knit a-long so I only hope I don't get second sock syndrome as well as second mitten syndrome for this knit along.

The Angel Sock yarn was from The Natural Dye Studio but is, unfortunately, no longer available. It is unbelievably soft and feels very luxurious. Yesterday's post has details of the composition. These will obviously not be socks for wearing out and about but for hygge moments indoors when I want to cosy up and have a gorgeous, warm pair of socks to cherish my feet with.

So the knit a-long has started and I have made a contrast at the cuff with my Christmas Eve Sock Cast On yarn to make a link to my last knit a-long with Dani which started in December 2016 and I finished in January 2017.

If these socks take a long time I won't mind as working with the yarn is a comfort in itself.

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