Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring Knitting


::Sometimes I find that the number of unfinished projects, the wool I have saved for more projects and spinning together with patterns in books, leaflets and pdf files and wool bought just because... becomes overwhelming::

::Combine that with sewing projects of all kinds and the whole crafting hobby could do with some form of control::

::To help deal with this I am planning to finish one project before I cast on or start a new one::

::I went to a new sewing group called Ladies Who Sew in our village hall and took along a patchwork project I have been working on for some years:: I tried not to be too influenced by some stunning work other ladies were producing which in the past would have me rushing off to look for patterns and materials::

::The big question is always whether the hobby is process led or finished item led::

::I think I am always fighting the draw of a new project before I have finished the present one and that ultimately is frustrating::

::Hopefully by finishing some old projects and trying to keep to a certain number of projects on the go I might re-balance the way I work so that I can get a sense of achievement::

  • on the needles
  • unfinished projects
  • future projects

on the needles

::plain vanilla socks::
::baby monster blanket::

unfinished projects

Ten works in progress

::Lush Lava scarf::
::Trileske mittens::
::Mittens for me knit along::
::Felted Yoga bag::
::Denim bag::
::Neptune cardigan::
::Wrist warmers::
::Betty Moette sweater::
::Leaf sock::
::Sparrow shawl::

future projects

::I have wool designated for at least ten more projects::

::I hope my new regime will help me see my hobby with fresh eyes and that there might be more finished items to share and perhaps inspire over the coming months::

::Happy Knitting::

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