Friday, 31 January 2014

Ever Decreasng Circles

::The title of this post is taken from a tv series and today I am going to let my not-so-inner Martin out and take a tour of my knitting filofax::this is where she sits on my desk in a Martha Stewart desk tidy. Just in front is a book mark I made and to the right is my 'knitters little helper' hand cream::

 ::I am not sure of the model, I think it might be a personal-sized 'mode' but I love the combination of teal and pink::

 ::Inside it has a beautiful pink interior::I keep my current Rowan membership card with the previous one along with some stickers, business cards and a post it note pad::The little hare on the opposite page came with a sewn ornament from The Leveret's Nest on etsy.::

::behind it I keep my current to do list::this one is a cute freeby from Squid-bits::

::next I have a zip lock insert in which I keep emergency supplies::there are some elastic bands and stitch markers on the loose::in the notions bag from Splityarn::

::I keep a small pair of scissors, some safety pins, a crochet hook and several cable hooks, for some unknown reason, and some small post it flags::

::next is what is known in the organizer world as the dashboard::this is where I keep a selection of post it notes::they are arranged on the front and back of a plastic clear pocket insert with Martha Stewart tear drop stickies in the pocket itself::

::the back of the dashboard with more sticky notes and a favourite postcard behind a clear plastic protector on the opposite side::

::this is the section that will eventually hold the diary pages but, as yet, I have not found what I want::in the meantime I have some bookmarks with the tear drop stickies to remind me what podcasts to watch and what team projects I am doing::when I do get the diary I will record knit along progress, when I start a project, future publishing dates of my magazine subscriptions, future dates of podcasts etc::

::I have tabs along the side for 'on the needles', 'suppliers', 'projects to do', 'resources', 'needles', 'general notes' and an a - z index::

::there are also top tabs for sub dividing such as 'finished', 'works in progress', 'stores' and 'books'::


::I am going to split this post here and continue another time with what I record under each tab::I am now in awe of all those who post regularly about their filofaxes as it takes a lot of work::

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