Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tea Time Choices

::Not breakfast time but afternoon tea time::

::working my way through this beautiful set of teas from Whittard::

::this is a light and delicate flavoured tea which they describe as strong traditional black tea::

::perhaps I added too much (skimmed) milk::

::well I enjoyed it and especially as I had time to finish these autumnal socks by Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber (no link as they are now closed)::

::welcome Autumn::

::We've ploughed and sowed,
We've reaped and mowed,
And we've gathered in the clover.
And every man will take his can
And neatly toss it over.
Now drink, boys, drink and if you spill
You shall have two, it is our master's will:: Cambridgeshire Harvest Drinking Song (not tea obviously!)::


Lisette said...

Love Whittard teas! Wish we were closer so I could have a "cuppa" with you! Nice Cath Kidston mug, too!

Teresap said...

The kettle's on Lisette!!

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