Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Welcome

::welcome to the world Michael Oliver::

::simple garter stitched First Blanket by Erika Knight from her beautiful Natural Nursery Knits book::Using Rowan bamboo with its soft drape and texture::

::Baby carryboo in sublime Blue Faced Leicester from H W Hammand & Co::


Kyoko said...

Oh this is gorgeous!! I love the contrast of the knitting and the elephant fabric.

TeresaP said...

Thank you, Kyoko. I themed the blanket, carrycase and teddy in grey to suit either a boy or girl.

Chris said...

Hi Teresa,
I see the photo and think, this is it - my gift for my girlfriend. I order the Knitting instruction of debbie Bliss. But know I´m helpless, the guide contains no information on the size of the ceiling. Now if I take out another thread I do not know how many stitches I need to strike. Can you tell me how much I need to crop the lining? I'd be very happy about your help. Christiane (from Germany, Berlin)

TeresaP said...

Chris - in my opinion the number of stitches to cast on is wrong. If the tension is 18 sts to 10cm then you would need to cast on around 119 sts not 145 otherwise the maths doesn't work. I ended up guessing how to do most of it and folded the piece in half to get an idea of how many to cast off before the hood section. Use the knitted piece as your template for the lining shape. I cut out my lining shape so that it had about an extra 3cms all the way round. I stitched across the top of the knitting to make the hood, then placed the lining shape onto the knitting (having stitched the lining hood too) and turned in the extra lining material all the way round the knitting so that it was inside the seed stitch edge of the knitting. Pin the lining to the knitting and hand stitch but keep adjusting as you go. You might find it easier to cut two shapes one for the side with the hood and one for the area of the knitting you fold over. Once the lining is in then you can sew up the edges of the knitting. If you are not sure try with a piece of scrap material first. Good luck!

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