Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Letter

I asked and was given a letter.

I shall give you ten for this m:


::Mersea Island::my home::grey::beautiful::a place for reflection::


::Moon::Lantern moon::miracle movers::

::the third::

::Musings::material moments::

::the fourth::

::Memories::Miss York::you never forget your first teacher::

::the fifth::

::markers::macabre and metal::

::a sixth::
::Magazines::for mooching and meandering and inspiration::

::the seventh::

::Masks::mysterious and momentous::Venice::the city of dreams::

::an eighth::

::Making::a need to create in so many mediums::

::the ninth::

::Medieval::manuscripts::materials::mystics::music::their gardens::their herbs::their healing::their wisdom::poetry::prose and plays::

::last not least my ten::

::Macro::my photography::my method of communication::in minute detail::
I have a letter and it is your's for the asking.

Thank you to Vicky at Crobbles.


Crobbles said...

Perfect :-)

TeresaP said...

Thank you, I really enjoyed doing this.

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