Friday, 12 September 2008

Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine Fall/Winter 2008 Review

This is the 'premiere' issue of a new knitting magazine by Vogue Knitting called 'debbie bliss'
There are 36 designs in the magazine some of which have appeared in other Debbie Bliss books. The magazine is split up into 'Features' including 'The Blisful Life' which are products, recipes, stores etc. A review of books, an interview (this issue it is designer/author Melody Griffiths), a question and answer section, review of yarns and pattern instructions. The second part is called 'Fashion' and deals with the current and predicted trends and the featured designs.
It is very beautifully photographed and there is a lot of inspiration for knitters of all abilities. Even if you already have a lot of the patterns in other books you will not be disappointed to have new patterns all for the very reasonable price of £3.75 (recommended price in the UK).
The format is that of a regular magazine and the themes are soft and subdued, elegant with good photography. There are lots of articles and features to recommend this and as it is due to be published twice yearly you will find it a lot cheaper than, say, a subscription to Rowan Magazine.


Anonymous said...

I've searched high and low for this magazine - got blank looks are WH Smith - is there any mention of a subscription within the magazine?

Mrs Be said...

Hi, new to your blog (can't remember how I found you) but just wanted to say thanks for the heads up about the magazine.

I'm new to knitting and painfully slow! Will have a look for this, did you get it at a newsagents or online?

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