Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Italian Fineknits

Well, the heat was on in Italy during my wonderful vacation. So I really didn't feel like knitting anywhere except in the beautifully air-conditioned room in the hotel on the edge of Lake Garda.

Here you can see that I attempted to knit a few rows of the knitted pouch from Last Minute Knitted Gifts each time I had a rest from the heat.

One interesting thing I did note was the lack of yarn stores both in Milan where we spent the first few days of our holiday and whilst we stayed in the Lake Garda area. I saw neither yarn stores nor anyone knitting at all. Yet I was wearing some of the finest knitted summer tops made in Italy so I'm guessing that the yarn all goes for manufacturing or maybe export.

Anyway, it seems that although there was not much knitting done there was a lot of listening to knitting podcasts and knitting books on my ipod nano whilst working on delicious Italian drinks and eating icecreams (all in the cause of colour research, of course).


Mandella said...

Perhaps the Italians just knit in the winter and get everything by mail order? Curious, though.

picperfic said...

I was in Milan last year and after googling 'yarn shops Milan' I found Lanar. Click here for my blog post about it
. I also discovered that the Italians think of knitting as an old fashioned thing to do, I found that odd, seeing as they a hgh up in the fashion stakes! I wonder if they'll catch up?

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