Friday, 27 February 2009

Jo Sharp - A Wish List II

::Jo Sharp Book Seven::

::i would::

::wouldn't you::

In a different place

::Ipswich Knitterati::

We had somewhere new to meet.

Isaacs a beautiful beamed medieval building on the waterfront in Ipswich.

The sounds of joyful voices embedding themselves into the being of the building as row upon row of knitting and crocheting grew from our needles.

A celebration on my return home.

The delight of choosing some habu and a fizzy lush bath bomb.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Jo Sharp - A Wish List

::Jo Sharp book seven::

::the start of a new wish list::

Mili Bag

::A subscription::The Knitter::A gift::The Mili bag::

::beautiful blue and striped silk::

::Guardian article here::

Candy Stripe Crochet Purse

::Kyoko Nakayoshi's Candy Stripe Crochet Purse from Cotton & Cloud ::

::a new departure::


Thursday, 19 February 2009

Knit Graffiti Chicks

Interesting comments on this Youtube about graffiti knitting. Perhaps it is possible to knit scarves for the homeless as well as getting out there and having fun too. As a knitter and a keen fan of Banksy I find it a great art form.

You can join Knitta Please in London on 20th February at 10 am at the Royal Festival Hall Cafe for some guerrilla knitting action.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Reading All About It

  • Spoilt for choice but mine would be:

  • Rowan Magazine for:



Home projects

  • Yarn Forward for:




Tales from a Yarn Shop

  • Debbie Bliss for:

Beautiful Style

Blissful Life

Home Projects (loving The White House)

  • The Knitter for:


The Knitter Loves

Book Reviews



The Knitter Giveaway (surely I must win)

  • My choices are influenced by modernity, glossiness, beautiful patterns both for clothes and the home. I also want my magazine to look at some non-knitting related things.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Leonie's Hat

::a new project::a hat for Leonie::

::pattern from the purl bee::

::yarn 2 ply merino Plato in smoke colourway from Violet Green::and yet to get kid silk haze::

::new project bag from Cotton and Cloud::

Red Flannel Elephant

::sometimes you have to give in to your inner child::

::Gretel's 'Little Clown' series::


Saturday, 7 February 2009

A Wish List

A wish list inspired by Yarncollector.

This week I wish...

  • for moments of quiet to sift and sort
    my knitting mind....

  • for inspiration to finish the embroidery on the two sets of cupcake mittens made for Karen's beautiful daughters....
  • for steady growth on the tweedie knitted cardigan....for
    assurance that the guage is as it should be....
  • for time to ponder the wisdom of those
    who podcast.... who make me laugh and feel inspired....
  • for everyone to enjoy the last meeting
    at Purl & Co for Ipswich Knitterati on Thursday....
  • for time to create a meaningful space
    in my workroom for intentions knitting....
  • for the fog to clear so that I
    can find the answers to the February Unicorn Quest....

A wish list, a knitting wish list.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Thinking it would be interesting to follow Amanda from The Natural Dye Studio over on her Twitter account, I have now found myself signed up.
It is a very tentative step I take towards this extreme sport of words but we shall see.....
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