Wednesday, 2 October 2013

All the leaves are green

::Tea forté is a special treat really designed to impress at a dinner party but sometimes when you finally get the house to yourself there is nothing nicer than a quiet moment to enjoy a delicious flavoured tea::

::this one is coco truffle, a herbal caffeine free tea which is described as a deep chocolate brew airy with fennel, licorice and cardomom::

::absolutely delicious and totally decadent for a weekday home alone moment:: 

::oh I did have a guest but he wasn't wanting to drink tea::this is a member of the Boo Crew by Susan Claudino and the pattern is available on Ravelry::he is a little Hallowe'en character::

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


::here is my wonderful spindlepop from tiltawhorl run by Ed over on

::it is made from recycled plastics with beads for weights and weighs 7g and measures about 5inches long::it comes in a recycled M & M container too which is perfect to pop into a bag for spinning on the go::

::I have spun some alpaca fleece given to me to try::it is a first cut from an alpaca called Cordelia::such a pretty colour and with an amazing staple length:: Sadly the fleece has gone back to its owner who is taking them to a mill to be processed:: it would have been nice to have the time to spin it myself but great fun making a small test sample on Ed's amazing top whorl drop spindle::

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