Saturday, 13 February 2010

Dreaming of Childhood

::dreaming of simpler days of childhood when white lace socks made me feel happy and special::
::today grey fancy silk socks from Nancy Bush's book 'Knitting Vintage Socks' in Madeline Tosh Sock yarn also make me happy and special, why not?::

Chocolate and Toast

::sometimes you need comfort::

::Toasty by A Friend to Knit With is just what is called for::

::for maximum comforting knit in Verra Yarns Shambala Yak in Chocolate::

Waving not Drowning

::Unicorn yarn in pink elephant and silver colourways::
::Lake Huron Waves pattern::
::an easy five row pattern but a long and winding journey to mirror my own::
::sometimes drowning not waving::
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