Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Swap

::Sara of SarasTextureCrafts organized a Christmas swap::You had to spin 100g of yarn and pass it on to the next name on a list of participants::

::I choose some lovely Fondant Fibre in BFL Merino and Silk as Sara lives near Dartmoor - a place I love::I also made a felted collar for her dog Patch and some travel slippers from some more of my handspun for her partner Darrin::

::I really enjoyed working on this project and putting together a package I hoped my swap partner would enjoy::Now we will be having a knit-along in December with the yarn we received::I received a very special skein of handspun from Sara and I am planning to use a Louisa Harding pattern to make a bag with this beautiful wool::

Monday, 4 November 2013

Change is in the Air

::We are still enjoying some lovely, sunny and mild Autumn days but there is definitely a drop in the temperature which means that knitting and spinning take on a different feel::

::It now feels like time to start thinking about knitting things which will help keep me warm when I'm out walking or gardening::

::Time to abandon the summer knitted top I had started and to think about what I have in my stash that needs my attention::

::I have these beautiful natural sheep colours to make a lap blanket::

::or this dark Titus yarn from Baa Ram Ewe for a cable project::
::it might be one of many other projects in the pipeline but whatever it turns out to be I must definitely finish this year's Hallowe'en themed knit which is this long lace scarf knitted in Gnome Acres Witches Brew laceweight yarn::

::This is the month to enjoy Wovember which is all about the beauty of wool::There is so much to love about Autumn::

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

All the leaves are green

::Tea forté is a special treat really designed to impress at a dinner party but sometimes when you finally get the house to yourself there is nothing nicer than a quiet moment to enjoy a delicious flavoured tea::

::this one is coco truffle, a herbal caffeine free tea which is described as a deep chocolate brew airy with fennel, licorice and cardomom::

::absolutely delicious and totally decadent for a weekday home alone moment:: 

::oh I did have a guest but he wasn't wanting to drink tea::this is a member of the Boo Crew by Susan Claudino and the pattern is available on Ravelry::he is a little Hallowe'en character::

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


::here is my wonderful spindlepop from tiltawhorl run by Ed over on

::it is made from recycled plastics with beads for weights and weighs 7g and measures about 5inches long::it comes in a recycled M & M container too which is perfect to pop into a bag for spinning on the go::

::I have spun some alpaca fleece given to me to try::it is a first cut from an alpaca called Cordelia::such a pretty colour and with an amazing staple length:: Sadly the fleece has gone back to its owner who is taking them to a mill to be processed:: it would have been nice to have the time to spin it myself but great fun making a small test sample on Ed's amazing top whorl drop spindle::

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tea Time Choices

::Not breakfast time but afternoon tea time::

::working my way through this beautiful set of teas from Whittard::

::this is a light and delicate flavoured tea which they describe as strong traditional black tea::

::perhaps I added too much (skimmed) milk::

::well I enjoyed it and especially as I had time to finish these autumnal socks by Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber (no link as they are now closed)::

::welcome Autumn::

::We've ploughed and sowed,
We've reaped and mowed,
And we've gathered in the clover.
And every man will take his can
And neatly toss it over.
Now drink, boys, drink and if you spill
You shall have two, it is our master's will:: Cambridgeshire Harvest Drinking Song (not tea obviously!)::

Monday, 12 August 2013

Tea and knitting

::I love to have a cup of tea when I am knitting and at the moment I am enjoying the different flavours of Tea Forte::

::today I am going to have Vienna Cinnamon as there is a definite change in the feel of the season as we head towards Autumn:: 

::sitting outside to spin or knit the birds are singing once more and the atmosphere is one of transition::

::I saw a huge ripe blackberry on Sunday and the plums in the garden are turning red so I suppose it is natural to start thinking of all the lovely things to come::

::in the meantime, of course, there is still the beautiful summer days to spend outside gardening then settling down on the swing to spend a pleasant afternoon reading, sewing, knitting or spinning::

Thursday, 31 January 2013

A New Start

::the busy November/December months are gone::
::time for a new beginning::

::first a look back at how the new year will be 'informed'::
::Expand Your Horizons was a spin along set up by the Knitgirllls, Leslie and Laura where we would try different fibres every two months::
::There were lots of new techniques and types of yarn used during the year::
::New friends were made online::
::New places to meet for Knit and Natter::

::What direction do I want to take this year::
::To improve stranded work::
::To improve spinning technique::
::To watch, listen to and read more about my online knitting companions::

::Sounds like quite a busy time ahead::

::The prayer shawl above is the Easy Peazy Shawl by Megan Delorme which is to be sent to NewTown in America following their terrible tragedy last year::knitted in wool from the New Lannark Mills which brought education, work and shelter to children amongst whom were those shipwrecked on their way to America from the Scottish Isles::
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